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While there are many articles on the simulation-based device in the medical field, the ULTRAVIRT originated in 2015, from an academic thesis, and a wide range of studies and researches led to converting it to a business concept and be considered and supported by ophthalmologists, especially trainees in this field, then, it guaranteed the idea’s upward trajectory regarding the discussion of eye surgeries due to the taking out the real-life patient from the risks and the tendency to take less hazard, especially in eye surgeries where even the most capable and knowledgeable person may make mistakes, Providing such an atmosphere is very valuable and practical.

This idea eventually headed to the ULTRA GROUP, a Canadian company, which purchased the idea and allocate investment to make it bigger, and the staff officially started manufacturing and launching it directly to the market, which faced very well welcomed.

The first device introduced to the market, which only provides Cataract surgery modules. Then, we added vitreoretinal surgery modules, which were completed, and all the required skills and features were added. Currently, in 2021, the last version of OcuSim is presented to the market in a comprehensive package configuration. In addition, we are updating according to demands and conclude the whole modules of anterior and posterior segment surgeries.

Our R&D team also has a specific investigation on other fields such as dental simulators, Endoscopy simulators, and other medical simulators…