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UlTRAVIRT is an active and superior company in the medical and educational systems field. Our team consists of educated people with a technology-friendly and creative mind, medical doctors, research and development experts, marketing and technical experts.

This is a controversial matter in the world that the attention to technology also its expanding progress and the efforts of companies to become a corporation following the last advanced technology is a concern of all high-tech companies. ULTRAVIRT has been very flourishing in this endeavor and has been able to achieve a foothold in the market with the most advanced facilities, including components and accurate programming.

Our mission

Our company’s mission is to reduce medical errors as much as possible, both, during the training in simulated position due to keeping the patient away from the environment and improve patient safety during the actual operation. In addition, answering all the volume of demands through the highest level of quality in simulating eye surgeries by VR technology, is one of our massive intentions for our company decisively, which has a team of passion about progress and technology.

Our vision

eliminating all risks during eye surgeries, generally with the highest level of technology is our massive vision, also making surgical simulation so realistic that it has as much significance for ophthalmology residents to feel what are exactly in the real-like operation environment have importance for ULTRAVIRT. Further, all the universities, medical sectors, simulation centers each around the world should be equipped with this device at a reasonable price.